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MD5: 95783aa3683ffcf954926daf8019fd14
SHA-1: 41050ff425b4c15925eff0b38c60b7ca49f9fb88
SHA-256: 1e09b13d6621ad6c25721614f6756435e1d80a70009a230ab661a10c7c84b65b
Download openatrium-7.x-2.0-beta1-core.zipzip 17.41 MB
MD5: fc77d284f364809daccec0a7316b7159
SHA-1: 77ab0ea2e1a0be31e4a888629e13301568bbcbfe
SHA-256: 89e9e2c5b8c000b4118d1202759999cf82f68c96059bf5e59bbbc3612f5681d3
Download openatrium-7.x-2.0-beta1-no-core.tar.gztar.gz 10.95 MB
MD5: 3b8f975d0883c8de13741a5c396eca5d
SHA-1: e85ae02f460d462ef6b8b373d8e014cf87a604f5
SHA-256: f2e89c902c3504dbf2d179013b9cd5ec31f55c8cbbaa54b7d168128170fbf62b
Download openatrium-7.x-2.0-beta1-no-core.zipzip 13.51 MB
MD5: ed05445c90ec2b029f93c08fc9e48953
SHA-1: 37d4b5c6838f5f65eeaa5d92e89997a60c82c179
SHA-256: acfc00ff605b35a581552ca114dfd59645ed42f18850ddf27b3b3552a3a0efbb
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MD5: 48772eca60f9af339fcaa01487b4e14c
SHA-1: 7b90cf8d99c2da893c57e5170ffda9f9c9017a08
SHA-256: 986645b74d3fce37359e7e9b8eb5b06f7b9f1091a06ea7489d6662b251b985ff
Download openatrium-7.x-2.0-beta1.zipzip 75.08 KB
MD5: 430c6c19ad9d2cbda847693da717155c
SHA-1: 803ecd5746d3bfda663a9c92c932d3fdf97de068
SHA-256: 39d87a80f8521245dcc9d22e84a533e3f0aa2f57b0fd24d777f1c32270da8eaf

Release info

Created by: mpotter
Created on: 20 Jul 2013 at 20:28 UTC
Last updated: 15 Oct 2014 at 20:23 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x

Release notes

Note, this is only a partial list of changes since the Open Atrium 2 profile has been split into individual modules which can have their own commit history.

Changes since 7.x-2.0-alpha5:

  • Add a patch that unflaots labels in modalframes
  • Move bootstrap_pane_styles into oa_core for now
  • Moved contextual tabs into own project
  • Fix extra make file reference causing duplicate modules
  • Moved oa_subspaces to own project
  • Merge branch '7.x-2.x' of into 7.x-2.x
  • Move og_session_context to own project
  • Update views exposed filter patch to allow for tablesort
  • don't require default content
  • Update wsiwyg to one with file_get_contents fix (fix git archive)
  • Update wsiwyg to one with file_get_contents fix
  • Remove apps depedency from panopoly_core and move it to
  • Enable newer dpedency oa_contextual_tabs
  • Enable newer dpedency panels_customerror
  • Always allow option to include subspaces on pane config form
  • Move oa_search to oa_core
  • Move oa_favorites to oa_core
  • #2037483: Patch defaultcofig to install correctly with site-install
  • Add oa_contextual_tabs to makefile
  • default config so it doesn't cause undefined did errors
  • #1983280 by mpotter, patrickd | dsnopek: Fixed OpenAtrium profile doesn't w
    ork on
  • #2037649 by rasskull: Adding accessible text to search buttons.
  • Added settings for contextual tabs
  • Added contextual tabs, gold oa_favorites icon
  • Update og subgroups patch
  • Put devel at top so it overrides panopoly
  • Update og_subgroups patch to latest version
  • wrong patch
  • Update two patches related to live preview
  • Moved oa_devel into distro, updated make file to remove oa_core stuff
  • Move oa_media to separate project
  • Moved oa_core to separate project
  • Move oa_notifications to separate project
  • Add dependencies to oa_notifications
  • Remove empty command_buttons dir
  • Move oa_radix theme to own project
  • Move oa_mailhandler to own project and remove from profile by default
  • Move oa_discussion to its own project
  • #2037299: Fix undefined index issues
  • Moved oa_events and oa_events_import to separate modules
  • Wrong syntex, not cool
  • Remove file_directory path that doesn't appear to exist/work and causes files to not upload
  • Fixing some fatal errors when values aren't what is expected
  • Fixing various issues with content pane and ajax
  • Remove ds store
  • Support Blocking users in member widget
  • Change Member list to tabbed view
  • Refactor members widget to allow tabs and handle pending members
  • #2034315: add a sort by title
  • #2034315: Add space/group view
  • Update button caching rules to expire subgroup caches when a parent is saved
  • Modify oa subspaces so can choice parents that are not part of user's current group for admins
  • Add ability to prepopulate group reference
  • Add ability for OA buttons to search parent spaces to add additional buttons. Also add drupal_alter hoo
    k for buttons
  • Update Command buttons to latest commit
  • Fix Request Subscribe function on spaces listing
  • #2013214: apply the patch to right module
  • #2032701 by rasskull: Adding flag button inside favorites button dropdown.<
  • Update command buttons to latest
  • #2013214: Adding panopoly pages patch and trash flag depedency so install w
  • Add calendar legend calendar section pages
  • Collapsed the subscribed filter
  • Remove trash any permission so space/sections are not trashable and run drush fu on all features
  • Make sure oa members widget is only operation on space/group nodes
  • ensure exists before using it
  • Fixing ajax error with remove and removing test statement
  • #2031933: Adding ajax and tokens to remove/add as admin/remove as admin lin
  • Ensure calls check_plain as needed
  • Ensure uses og api when available, and doesn't gather information it's not c
    onfigured to (performance)
  • Fixing up oa_core_add_members widget to use proper api functions
  • Fix various small issues with oa_core_user_spaces
  • HTTPS to HTTP for make file patches
  • Unset section context in the event that nodes dont have OA_SECTION_FIELD attached
  • Fix reset issue with legacy buttons, fix override of node type, restrict buttons to the specific space
    + section you are in
  • Fix htmlspecialchars warning
  • Add ability to upload file in addition to providing URL for iCal imports
  • #2030843: Add subscribed content tab
  • #2029123: uddating patch
  • #2030039: Set up permission for per space permissions, removing automatic a
    ll permission from group admins
  • #2030039: Add per space type permission for oa subspaces
  • Use latest dev of og to get some patches
  • Added Visibility widget, adjusted css for widgets
  • #2029901 - add finer grade of control to subgroup inheritence
  • Added Favorites widget
  • Fix panelizer error in oa_discussion
  • Remove sitewide calendar as well as all quicktabs
  • Allow recent / past event listings to have number of items changed via IPE
  • Make section context optional for discussions
  • Fix title bug in member widget
  • Add options to member widget
  • Add children spaces to oa_breadcrumb widget
  • Add support for all day events
  • Add iCalcreator library
  • Fix issue with defaulting the pane configuration to current section/space
  • Move HTTPS patches to HTTP
  • Update command buttons to latest commit
  • Move views make file entry so it works
  • Fix issues with general widget and 2+ views + user without groups
  • Update post render patch with one without syntex error
  • Update post render patch
  • Add patches to conditonal fields so it's feature intergration is smoother
  • Added OA Breadcrumb toolbar
  • Update wiki post panelizer to user new sidebar
  • Update discussion post panelizer to user new sidebar
  • Update Event Panelizer to use default sidebar
  • Create a default sidebar panel for use on OA section pages
  • Update javascript to work with legacy space and sections, also fix potential undefined index when clear
    ing cache
  • Return in oa_buttons_create_term
  • Update hook name
  • Update hook to ensure taxonomy terms create correctly. Also force enabling of command_buttons with OA u
    pdate hook
  • Add flag defualt flags alter hook
  • Undo the unintended event calendar changes
  • Change trash to archivE
  • Add conditional fields and minor function renaming
  • Fix features make file entry
  • Fix feature conflicts
  • Create default terms on enabled, not in hook_install()
  • taxonomy_get_term_by_name should use machine name, not vid.
  • Removing call time pass by reference in oa_buttons
  • force revert of feature and clearing of drupal_static on creation of taxonomy terms
  • Forcing revert of taxonomy before creating default terms
  • Remove HTTPS patches from drupal-org.make
  • Remove node context requirement for OA buttons space widget
  • Updating node edit layouts to be suitable for oa_buttons JS magic
  • Open Atrium specific overrides for command buttons
  • Add ability to specify section via URL parameter
  • Add command buttons module to make file
  • Remove OA buttons in favor of command buttons module
  • #2026299: Add trash_flag and set up permissions
  • Added 20 to pager in default Space recent activity
  • Fix for undefined css_id/css_class
  • #2024827: run fu to match features export format
  • #2024827: Align IPE access with node_access update
  • Update css for event listing
  • Fix missing > in bootstrap pane style
  • Move patch from calendar to colors
  • Fix make file
  • Replace Calendar module with Full Calendar, add bootstrap jQuery UI theme
  • Add css class/id to pane display
  • #2024417: Only update the preview and select fields
  • AHRQ-380 - check that can view node before setting it as context
  • #2023599: Default wikipages to section menu
  • #2023583: Add custom error pages
  • #2023559 by beeradb: automatically create command buttons for adding nodes<
  • Upgrade og_menu_single
  • Add a patch to fix menu items themeing w/o title sometimes
  • Add settings.php to .gitignore
  • Added Update module
  • Remove file
  • Make publish status more obivious
  • Set menu for event and event importer
  • Set menu_options for discussion and wiki to empty so og menu single can take over
  • [97/1833]

  • Update OA buttons to use class array rather than string
  • Add limit to my spaces to configuration screen
  • Use tagged version of chosen library
  • Updating patch
  • Move around some files for better organization
  • #2016527: Updating patch
  • Make UID field unique in feeds import
  • AddThisCalendar support for OA Events
  • #2019913: Add ability to filter by my spaces (and fix some bugs with filter
    by subspaces that were revealed
  • #2019805: Add filter by username and provide way to default it to current u
  • css for command buttons
  • Update command buttons info file
  • Added event edit page variant
  • Style site name in toolbar
  • Replace group id widget with visibility in calendar template
  • Fix errors in oa_core_oa_section_ref_views_handler_filter_in_operator
  • Rework the autologic again so works with any use of that filter in a pane
  • Move calendar section layout to use IPE, also add space identifier and add content widget to layout
  • >
  • Remove icalcreator from make file, since it fails verify step
  • Update required fields for OA buttons panels pane
  • Remove unnecessary field references from event export
  • Move feeds to latest dev version
  • AHRQ-329, Add parent groups to visibility widget
  • Remove all HTTPS references from makefile
  • AHRQ-330, add inherited members to member widget
  • Support break tag in oa_event Location field
  • #2019035 by beeradb: Add a sitewide calendar panel and a section layout pan
  • Add in missing depedency entity_token
  • Returning the disappeared patch
  • #2016527: updating patch due to bug with widget_title
  • Adding any active space option to exposed space/section filters so can be properly configured when addi
    ng as default
  • Updated og_subgroups recursion patch - again
  • Updated og_subgroups recursion patch
  • #2016293 by beeradb: make default views not be controlled via features
  • Need to rerun update function
  • Panopoly core is using outdated pathauto patch, update it
  • infinite loop in og_subgroups take 3
  • infinite loop in og_subgroups take 2
  • infinite loop in og_subgroups
  • #2016293 by beeradb: add command buttons admin listing view
  • OA-324, fix css for embedding media dialog
  • OA-322, remove polaroid image style from space image
  • Handle default user badge image
  • Setting pathauto up so uses space/section aliases to for content
  • Added default user icon image
  • Removed un-needed Rules module
  • Forgot to update oa_core for prender change in panopology magic
  • #2017159: Add patch for smarter handling of live preview
  • Set execute perm for
  • min-width for chosen filters in recent activity
  • Added feature revert to build script
  • Added pager to recent activity river
  • Add pager to oa_discussion widget
  • Allow authenticated users to upload media
  • Add set -e to
  • #2016643: add patch
  • so views_content doesn't use a num-numeric id
  • Updating oa_core for ctool changes
  • Adding a bug fix for panopoly_magic
  • #2016293 by beeradb: add conditional fields to make file
  • OA-104, adding pager to topics widget options
  • Move verify build earlier in build script
  • OA-342, adding options to oa_summary and moving Favorites to sidebar on spaces
  • #2016293 by beeradb: add update hook to enable OA buttons
  • OA-337, Image style in Spaces listing page
  • [2009822] Images or videos not showing in space homepage
  • #2016357: add oamailparser class to files
  • Use tyle settings from page_1 when displaying as table
  • #2016293 by beeradb: Add oa_buttons.module
  • #2009400: reset doesn't work for exposed form in panes
  • #2014805: don't fatal on deleting content with no body, that's not cool
  • >
  • changing some settings on open_atrium_content to be more aline with oa standards and adding a fix for i
    llegal choice on section
  • #2012884 by beeradb: add markdown module to .make
  • #2013196: add comment form and comments to wiki and discussion panelizer pa
  • #2012884 by beeradb: add markdown support
  • Properly disable token error reporting during tests
  • #2009240: change comment defaults to hidden for group/space
  • #2009400: Change action to current page for exposed form so doesn't redirec
    t to view all
  • Using correct verify-makefile command
  • Use issue numbers as index for all applied patches
  • #2011386 by beeradb: fix drush verify-makefile warnings
  • #2011216 by beeradb: Reconfigure iCal importers tab to live under config ta
    b. Also add view for listing importers
  • #2011028 by beeradb: Add oa_analytics module to track analytics per space li>
  • #1999412 by beeradb: Add oa_devel module
  • Adding oa_devel.module
  • #2009400: Exposed form only setting wasn't working
  • #2009400: Allow exposed form along with pane configration.
  • Enable some modules that may be disabled on older installs
  • #2002136: rerun the updb for oa_variables as module may have been missing initially preventing it from being enabled
  • #1549608: Refresh cache as needed so user_permission is successfully added for panelizer
  • Export comment settings for event/event importer
  • Add depedencies to oa_permissions that were missing
  • #2002136: Updating the make file for oa_variables (variable, og_variables)
  • #2002136: Fix small coding style issue with last commit
  • #2002136: Adding oa_variables and configuring it for oa
  • Update to remove commited patch
  • Fix News section page layout
  • Make og menu default for wiki
  • Add panelizer to core, discussion, wiki permissions
  • Trying to get property of non-object in oa_search_add_js()
  • #1999366 by hefox: Added Include section author as part of view permission for sections.
  • #2001146 by Argus: Fixed Undefined property: stdClass::().
  • #1989388 by thejtate: Fixed Error: Duplicate entry '' for key 'uri' due to system looking for sites/default/filesprivate.
  • Fix token version in make
  • #1995946:make a base section test for og's test to use instead of expanding the actual test
  • Alter export to get around export problems causing isset errors due to ->context sometimes being array, sometimes string.
  • Update token.module to allow empty data warnings to be disbled during tests
  • #1999302: Ignore directories that will not be part of repo but drush make can add
  • #1986532: Update patch for undefined default_value
  • Temporary fix for array_shift error due to features override and panels wonkyness


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