I am new here.

When I bought my domain and hosting, they installed Drupal 7.22. The problem is that I want to install a Drupal Distribution called "Commons" but I am not able to do it. What should I do? I am confused since I have just started using Drupal one week ago.

Thanks in advance.

Fiumara, Pablo Alejandro


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You cannot install commons overtop of a vanilla drupal installation. There are configurations presented to you during the installation of drupal commons that you need to do. You need to drop all of the tables of your database (or create a new one) and replace the core files with the commons files and start the install process again (choosing the commons profile).

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It worked. You solved my problem. Thank you very much!

Suppose I had a website made with Drupal Commons in localhost. What should I do to have that website online in one of my domains? I guess the first step would be to install Drupal Commons. What should I do next?

Thanks in advance.

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No don't install commons on the host. Copy over your localhost database to your server. Copy over all of you local files. Change the settings.php to point to the sever db. Flush cache tables and your good to go.