The admin/modules page has table headers whose text overlaps. The left-most column has the word "ENABLED" as its column header, but that is supposed to be invisible text. Instead it is overlapping the next column header, making both illegible. Screenshot attached from Chrome 28. Also verified in Safari 6.

The problem is caused by use of the CSS class "element-invisible" which is no longer part of D8. That class has been replaced with "visually-hidden". This is a follow-up fix to #1990544: Convert system_modules() to a Controller which used the CSS class "element-invisible".

This will be an easy one-line fix.

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1-line patch attached. It fixed the CSS class so the header goes back to being invisible, and no text overlaps. A screenshot is also attached (showing the correct, patched display).

Please review.

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Closed #2046327: CSS regression in table header on admin/modules ("Enabled" header not hidden) as a dupe. Let's get this in before more issues get filed.

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Title: Admin Modules CSS style causing overlapping table headers » CSS regression on admin/modules: overlapping "Enabled" table header not properly invisible
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It works:


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We might want to get this patch in place in order to fix this visual overlap bag. If the CSS class name change happens in that other issue, there would be a global search-and-replace that would change the name used here to whatever the new name will be. But in the mean time I don't think we want to leave the D8 codebase in this inconsistent state with a bug that everyone who uses the Modules page will see. My vote is for RTBC on this simple fix.

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@hass, no, it is not NW until that issue has consensus. This is a bugfix.

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Committed 96868e9 and pushed to 8.x. Thanks!

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.