I need to create a view with a block display that pulls an RSS feed from a URL specified in a field in the node the block will display alongside, but I'm kind of stuck. The default way to create a view of an RSS feed seems to be to set it up as an aggregator-item view, but if I do that, there doesn't seem to be any way I can find to relate it to page content.

It seems to be expecting each RSS feed to be set up separately via the Aggregator module, and then pulled into a view (with each feed having to be set up as a separate view), but I don't want each user who creates a node of this type to have to do all that! I'd far rather that they be able to just enter the URL of their RSS feed, and have it automatically display in a block alongside the node (the nodes in question are detailed profiles of community organizations, so I want to pull the feed from the organization's web site).

Is there any way to do this with Views, short of writing a custom module?


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