I've recently became very keen on Drupal and am in the process of adopting it. To that end I am about to use it for a very specific project that I have in mind. It seems to be a really good fit, apart from a couple of areas; I'm hoping there's a simple solution because so far its been plain sailing!

Question 1: Post as user / link content to user

I have 3 roles set up:

superadmin (default 'administrator' user in Drupal back end - lets call that user)
manager, who can create users and administer content but that's about it.
"Organisation" users - I have 2 of these at the mo, lets call these "org1" and "org2"

org1 and org2 can already log in and create content of one of 4 content types I have created
Lets call these TypeA, TypeB, and TypeC

org1 and org2 need to only be able to see their content. I achieved this with the handy "node view permissions" module
here: https://drupal.org/project/node_view_permissions

All is well up to this point.

The tricky part (for me!) is that "manager", who is not part of org1 or org2 needs to be able to log in, and create content of type A, B, C or D which will be linked to org1 or org2, so that whichever one it is associated to can see it.

For example:
"Manager" creates a user called "Org1"
"Manager" creates a content item of TypeA

This content item (node?) needs to be seen only by user Org1 when Org1 logs in.
But Org1 can not edit this content item (taken care of with standard permissions config I think?)

What module / step / concept am I missing here? Can anyone fill in the gap?

Question 2: Pull content items into a page

I've created a firth content type, lets call it "people", with some basic fields - name, image, description, email address.
Manager needs to be able to create a "people" item, but that people item also needs to be tied to one of my "org" users - org1 or org2.

Actually, going one further, content of TypeB, for org1, needs to actually contain a list of these people linked to "org1".

It seemed that taxonomies could work here - I created a vocabulary called "orgs" and added "org1" and "org2" terms inside it - this allows me to add a field for "org" to my content types.. but this obviously doesn't in any way tie it into the similarly named user, for the purposes of access control.

I also created a vocabulary called "people", but have the same problem!

This seems not so difficult to achieve given Drupal's inherent flexibility and the fact that the superadmin,manager,org1,and org2 users were so easy to set up and get creating content - even (with that node permissions module installed) to the point where org1 and org2 can only see their own content! So close...

Can anyone help / advise?