Local core dev directory located at "http://localhost/sandbox/core-dev/webroot".
Fresh install, went thru installation OK until last step, clicked "Visit your new site" link shown at URL "http://localhost/sandbox/core-dev/webroot/core/install.php?langcode=en&p..."
URL not found at "http://localhost/sandbox-dev/webroot/"
Found obvious cause at line 2006 of install.core.inc:

  // Ensure the URL that is generated for the home page does not have 'install.php'
  // in it.
  $request = Request::createFromGlobals();
  $generator = Drupal::urlGenerator();
  $generator->setBasePath(str_replace('/core', '', $request->getBasePath()) . '/');
  $url = $generator->generateFromPath('');
  $output .= '<p>' . (isset($messages['error']) ? t('Review the messages above before visiting <a href="@url">your new site</a>.', array('@url' => $url)) : t('<a href="@url">Visit your new site</a>.', array('@url' => $url))) . '</p>';

Maybe str_repping for "/core/" instead of "/core" would mitigate this, although not a perfect solution.

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I was able to reproduce the bug in the minimal installation.
In the standard installation I did not have an issue with the link for Visit your new site in the last step.

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Clean urls are do not seem to be enabled by default in the minimal installation.

Change record 'clean_url' configuration setting removed; clean URLs are autodetected each request indicates the change from 7 to 8.

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Does changing the configuration of RewriteBase in .htaccess when using virtual directories do anything?

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Thanks rhm50.
I'm using Drupal's default .htaccess and Apache default vhost on Ubuntu. Which change do you suggest?
Aside from this, I don't see how this can address the issue, since "/core" would stay in the path.

Anyway, I've found a solution that works with some easy regex. Let's see what the testbot says. Tested only using "minimal" profile.

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(edit) Lines 106 or 110 in [drupal_install]/.htaccess to RewriteBase /[web_alias]/[drupal_install] can be changed to accommodate Virtual Directories.

I am getting another error similar to this when trying to access other admin links /admin/appearance, /admin/appearance, /admin/structure. All of the url paths work fine if I prepend index.php ie., http://localhost/[web_alias]/[drupal_install]/index.php/admin/modules.

Not sure the patch will address problems with other urls. I have attached a screenshot of the error I'm getting.

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I applied the patch in #5 still see the same problem, receiving 404 error, and not seeing homepage. Again, accessing the page via http://localhost/[web_alias]/[drupal_install]/index.php/[drupal_path] works.

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Check out issue #432384 Any non-existant URL containing a valid parent path returns 200, not 404 looks similar to the error seen in this issue. The error does not show up on the minimum install when changing RewiteBase /[web-alias]/[drupal_install] or RewiteBase /[drupal_install].

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Thx, rhm50.
I have none of such issues you mention. Plain LAMP and Drupal's unmodified .htaccess . Clean URLs enabled and working OK all the time.
The problem I'm having is because my local dev URL contains "core" and looks like to me it's just a string manipulation issue in one specific piece of code.
Maybe you should check for similar issues or create another with your configuration and steps to reproduce.

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Issue tags: +Novice

Makes it for an easy issue to handle and review.

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Initialy I used xmapp 1.8.3 on Windows 7, Apache distribution containing MySQL, PHP and Perl, with mod_rewrite enabled, to test the drupal minimal install. I did the same procedure as before but on Ubuntu 12.04 using simple lamp install with mod_rewrite enabled, and I am also using mod_userdir. I am not using xmapp but instead a normal linux install of Apache, Mysql and PHP.

Again, I beleive this is similar to issue #432384 , if not a duplicate. The 404 Page not found error is what I see when accessing the page via http://localhost/~username/[drupal_site], I do not see this error when adding index.php to the url i.e., http://localhost/~username/[drupal_site]/index.php which the issue describes.

After clicking on the link for Visit your new site after the install, I am redirected from http://localhost/~username/[drupal_site] to http://localhost/~username/[drupal_site]/user/1 which returns the 404 Page not found error.

I have attached two screen shots from the Ubuntu 12.04 drupal install one using the index.php in the url and one without.

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Title: Broken URL after install if web path contains "/core" » Broken "Visit your new site" link at install process finish page if web path contains "/core"
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Tracking HEAD.
@rhm50: looks like to me that none of the issues you mention or link are related to this one. This issue refers *only* to an incorrectly crafted URL at *install wizard finish page* if the URL contains the string "/core" in the path. Only in that particular screen (Updating issue to better reflect this).

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Patch works as it should.
I had to check what the number signs (#) do in the regex in the patch. They function as delimiter, "/" is more commonly used but "#" is easier to read in this case when it comes to front and/or backslashes.

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Status: Reviewed & tested by the community » Fixed

Committed 4351d67 and pushed to 8.x. Thanks!

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.