The website will be of a non-profit charitable organization :

  1. A contemporary look and feel
  2. User friendly
  3. Response/ Downloading time of site/s to be < 5 secs.
  4. Multiple Donation pages linked to different programs all culminating to
    common payment gateway.
  5. The design to be contemporary and in tune with the organization’s
    overall communication strategy, which aims at:
    • Information dissemination vis a vis organization's work
    • Donor driven Main website/sub-sites
    • Youth oriented & fresh appealing design
    • A tech savvy website (in sync with new technology) with social media
      apps and channels showcased on it
    • Cause building social media presence
  6. Social media Apps to be recommended and incorporated on Main website/subsites
  7. The Main website/sub sites construct to be state of art technology--- some of the pages will be mapped to subdomains(s).
  8. The design elements should ensure clarity of communication vis a vis cause
    and programs
  9. Both Main website/sub-sites should be compatible with different platforms
    / browsers and all Mobile devices.
  10. The Main website/sub-sites should be based on a Content Management System.
    HI data streamlined to put quality content on website and make sure it is
    SEO friendly.
  11. The website should also be elder friendly vis a vis font size increase,
    less scroll down and time and ease of navigation.

The developer may be from anywhere in the world - a time schedule and
deliverables in the proposal to me mentioned. Only prior experienced developer may contact please.


Please send me email at: