I am having a strange issue on my Panels nodes. I can't edit them directly from the page because the "gear" edit drop down button is floating off the left. It disappears when I roll off the section and try to click the button. Any ideas? Not sure if it's some kind of CSS conflict, but I can't examine the code because the button disappears of course when I try to click on it with my browser's developer tools. I am attaching a screenshot of the problem to better explain.

Thanks in advance,

panels-edit-button.png28.82 KBLaurenW
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Hello? Can anyone give me any help with this??


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I'm having the same problem, I overrode the default node display with panels and now the admin account (no other accounts) can't click the edit button to change the content. The admin account can view the button, but can't click it. Account does have permissions because when I manually enter the edit URL node//edit I'm able to make changes.

Any ideas?

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Is anyone answering issues on the Panels module? I have been waiting for almost 2 months with no response to my issue.