It looks that view "Open Atrium Section pages: section Pages within Pages" can't show section titles although there's content in section. It gives only "There is no content in this space" message. Also, there's no section links in section menu in the top of the page. Please, see attached screenshot.

Not sure if this is related, but after I have created a new section, I get "An illegal choice has been detected. Please contact the site administrator". This happens when I use "Default" setting in Section pulldown. When I change it to "Discussion Section", I get no error messages.

I'm using the latest (2013-Jul-18) dev version.

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In your screenshot it doesn't look like any Sections have been created. You have created content within your *Space*. But you need to click the Create Section Page button and create a section within your space.

In your description is sounds like you created a Section page, but I want to make sure you haven't confused this with the Space itself.

If you created a Section, can you edit it (you can go to the main /content page and find it there) and down near the bottom of the edit page, expand the Access fieldset and make sure the Space field is filled in with a correct reference to the space that should contain the section.

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Thanks for the swift reply!

Yes, I did first create a Section and those posts seen in my screenshot are inside this section.

I tried to find that Access fieldset you mentioned, but no luck - here's another screenshot from my section edit page.

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the section view doesn't have the right arguments. I ran into this myself

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No, something is seriously wrong with your installation. You are missing the Space section for setting which space the section belongs in. Not sure how you could be missing that unless something in Organic Groups is not enabled or something. I cannot reproduce this in a fresh install either.

Here is a screen shot showing the Spaces field on the Section edit page (normally collapsed, but show expanded in this screenshot)

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It's missing the body field also

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Reproduced it on an install made using drush site-install

Op, did you make the site via site-install, install.php, or another method?

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Priority: Normal » Major

drush fra should fix it btw

I suspect a enable order issue

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Title: Section content missing in view » Fresh install missing some fields

oa_core defines bases of the missing fields

oa_core nows runs after oa_sections now, during the features rebuild :x

can try changing the weight, or adding #1572578: Rethink the way features are enabled / disabled and fixing the depedency issues... (oa core depends on oa_sections as far as depedencies go, but oa_sections has fields instances of field bases in oa_core... started splitting oa core apart (made new branch), but that requires more thorogh thinking about where everything should really go. Changing the weight is likely simplier option for now..
or moving everything in oa_core modules to oa_core/zmodules

(not sure if changing weight will fix it via all install methods, cause caching, etc.)

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I have made the site install via Aegir 1.9.

Applied #1572578: Rethink the way features are enabled / disabled (1572578-features-module-enabled-rebuild-18.patch) but didn't get it work. Rearranging features didn't help either.

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It's an install time issue, so any fix needs to be tested with a fresh install

to recover, run revert all features either drush fra -y or manually via the ui.

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I was wrong, it's not related to install order. features is already ordering by depedency, so it is the messy depedency logic that is causing issue, which ultimate fix is likely splitting up oa_core, but don't think have time for that for beta so trying to find a temp fix.

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Status: Active » Fixed

Added a (hopefully temporary) install task that reverts all features after install is done.

Will open a new issue about splitting oa_core up, etc. so this isn't needed

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Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.