Release info

Created by: Berdir
Created on: July 18, 2013 - 05:50
Last updated: July 18, 2013 - 05:51
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: Bug fixes

Release notes

This release fixes integration with PostgreSQL, a number of autocomplete bugs, a conflict with the messaging module, among other bugfixes.

Changes since 7.x-1.3:

  • #1557626 by ptmkenny: Replaced deprecated Entity API functions with current functions.
  • #834706 by ptmkenny: Fixed privatemsg allows to send private messages to blocked users.
  • #1387740 by arnested: Added thread_id as variable from rules actions.
  • #1956038 by ptmkenny, memberall: Fixed AJAX error on Autocomplete Username when writing a new private message on IE or Chrome.
  • #1694558 by stefgosselin, mstef, Sutharsan: Fixed autocomplete breaks user names with apostrophes.
  • #1764484 by Frando: Allowed body and subject rules arguments to be translatable.
  • #1751252 by valderama: Fixed Users with spaces in the username not accepted as valid recipients.
  • #1714176 by Jibus: Fixed PostgreSQL Error: catchable fatal error on the messages list page.
  • #1854828 by vomiand, Jerenus: Fixed typo 'recieve' in permission description.
  • #1872102 by joachim: Fixed typo in docblock for implementations of hook_privatemsg_recipient_type_info().
  • #1807410 by mikran: Fixed PHP warning: getInfo() should not be called statically.
  • #1569826 by kostajh: Fixed undefined property: stdClass::() in privatemsg_message_uri_callback().
  • #1554832 by yrocq, mikran: Fixed warning when applying an action from select in messages list.
  • #1674344 by mototribe: Fixed unnecessary queries when send private message links on comments/nodes are disabled.
  • #1353342 by BerdArt | tarzan08201: Fixed private messages and messages not working well together.
  • #1366118 by cschaub: Allow to use tokens in from address for mail notifications.