The summary attachment (glossary mode) on views doesn't respect exposed filters.

You can reproduce this bug by creating a simple content type with a taxonomy term reference field and a views with the term exposed. When the exposed filter is not set (display all nodes), the views summary attachment show the correct list of initials char with the node count, when the filter is set (display nodes with a specific term) the views summary attachment still display the list like before without filtering the nodes.

- Node 1, title: "Lorem ipsum" , term A
- Node 2, title: "Dolor sit amet", term A
- Node 3, title: "Dolor pellentesque", term B

Views result without filters:
L(1), D(2)
Lorem Ipsum, Dolor sit amet, Dolor Pellentesque

Views result when the exposed filter is set to "term A":
L(1), D(2)
Lorem Ipsum, Dolor sit amet

Views result when the exposed filter is set to "term B":
L(1), D(2)
Dolor pellentesque

The results are inconsistent: the summary doesn't respect the exposed filter.

Thanks for the attention.


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I've got the same problem, there is no solution ?

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Issue summary: View changes

Hi all, I experienced this in D8, adding the exposed filter to the Glossary attachment resolved this for me. Additionally, I have "Inherit exposed filters" set to TRUE.

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Setting Inherit exposed filters to 'yes' works for drupal 7 as well.

It took me a while to figure out that the inherit exposed filters option is under Attachment Settings.

Inherit contextual filters should be set to 'no'.


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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)