Here's a new Drupal site in education that just went officially live yesterday after a few months of work: The Council of Writing Program Administrators. The site is based on Drupal 4.5. The theme is a modification on one of negen's great designs (thanks!). And special thanks to mathias for his work on the ecommerce module which allows us to provide membership subscriptions! When coupled with the taxonomy_access module, the ecommerce subscriptions feature really expands Drupal's capabilities for due-paying membership organizations.

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Very, very nice indeed. PHPsession ids could be turned off, though.

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Thanks for reminding me :)

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I think I have this set correctly. Here is the .htaccess file:

php_value register_globals        0
   php_value track_vars              1
   php_value short_open_tag          1
   php_value magic_quotes_gpc        0
   php_value magic_quotes_runtime    0
   php_value magic_quotes_sybase     0
   php_value arg_separator.output    "&"
   php_value session.cache_expire    200000
   php_value session.gc_maxlifetime  200000
   php_value session.cookie_lifetime 2000000
   php_value session.auto_start      0
   php_value session.save_handler    user
   php_value session.cache_limiter   none
   php_value allow_call_time_pass_reference  On
   php_flag session.use_trans_sid off
   php_flag session.use_only_cookies on

Any suggestions? Or should I start another forum post related to this?

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Looks like the session id only shows for the first page visit upon login but not after that, a typical behavior I believe I have read about elsewhere in the forums.

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FYI: It looks like the link to "David B..." in your page footer is still hard-coded to point at the test installation.
Bjorn |

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Thanks! Looks like Dave had used an absolute URL. I corrected it.

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blamin' poor old David B again . . . )-:

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Was that me that did that? LOL

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Really nice!

If you ever feel like releasing your modded theme.. ;D

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i'd have to ask the wpacouncil as i did the work for them. feel free to use my contact form to send me an email if you are definitely interested.

also, no promises about how good the CSS is. i'm by no means an expert. i also converted the theme from tableless to tables because i didn't have the expertise to make the modifications that i did compliant across a wide range of browsers when using floats.’s picture

Yes, it would be a nice addition to the existing Drupal themes (although it uses tables) if wpa could release it .

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The WPA Web Developer gives an enthusiastic "let's release the theme!" That was the intention from the beginning, of course. We're pleased that others might find it useful. --Dave