As mentioned on Twitter, can we open an 8.x branch to start looking at making some tools available.

I would try starting with drush support in D8 and add the UI later.


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The drush part of Module Builder is, like drush, version-independent.

The only thing that should be tied to a version should be the UI. Which has been sadly neglected for some time, as I only ever use this with Drush. (Also, I never figured out a way to make the UI usable with the much larger quantity of hooks that D7 has!).

So I'd be happy with D8 drush changes going on the current branch, for now at least.

Looks like the first problem is going to be making the module_builder_include() system use classes rather than just differently-named files. That way the file handling functions for 6 can inherit from 5, and 8 from 7, assuming they haven't changed there.

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On second thoughts, that system is using drush_include() which is well-established. Also, while it's faffy having a foo_8 file that's identical to foo_7, it's quick and it works :)

So I've added those.

Once you patch this core bug #2043771: drupal_mkdir() can't create an absolute path recursively, you can do 'drush mbdl', then 'drush mb foo menu' and that generates something at least, though it seems confused about where to write the module files to.

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[ARGH. had eaten my comment.]

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Status: Active » Fixed

Module builder is now working for building modules on D8.

I don't really want to open an 8.x branch for the UI -- in fact, the UI part may end up moving to another project, and leaving this one as a library that's independent of major version.

Hence closing this.

Support for D8-specific components can be added to the current branch: see #2082915: D8 routing.yml file, #2086181: plugin generator for instance.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.