There are a lot of FB modules out there. But this one appears to have the exact features I need. One question: what is the time period for which "recent posts from the Page" gets displayed? Because I currently have a block with all 3 features turned on, 556 pixels tall, and scrolling enabled. The center section is completly blank, although the FB page has posts on it.

The most recent post is just over two moths old. Could that be a reason? Or is it possible the FB page has a configuration that would prevent embedding it?

Thank you!


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Hi mcfilms!

I am happy to hear your found the module useful!
I think this might be due to the date of the posts, exactly. This module basically makes use of the API provided by Facebook ( to allow performing the configuration of the settings directly via Drupal. You can try your Facebook Page URL in the previous link, and if you get the same behaviour means that this is probably provoked by some filtering by date made in the Facebook side.

Hope this helps!

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Status: Active » Fixed

I got them to update the content on their facebook page and it is displaying correctly. Thanks again! (I marked this as "fixed.)

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Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)