so durpal 8 is coming out. Its been over 4 years and looks the same. Pls may we have a makeover for our beloved site too.

everyone might be very busy but we can get some small changes done which will really help in 8's release.



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while I can appreciate your sentiment, your timing is a little off. The redesign was completed oct 2010, so it has been just under 3 years. The focus of the drupal association currently is to upgrade to drupal 7. Finally, the only way to get something like this done is to have a community member or members step up and take on the initiative. So, in the spirit of community might I suggest you contact the d.o webmasters and offer to help any way you can.

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thank you :)

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Me too.It is very difficult to take more time to redesign the page.It's very good.Thank you.