I have an install that uses LDAPAuth and takes groups from ActiveDrirectory into Drupal as roles as the user logs in (if they didn't exist as such beforehand).

I've got authcache working on my dev box with a user with two roles. However I have >2000 roles in the live setup and I seem to have hit a limit when enabling roles within Authcache. To use it I would need many of them to be enabled for use with Authcache, as the users (students) are in many of these AD groups.

Is there a maximum limit to the number of roles that can be enabled that means I can't use this wonderful module to cache content for my authenticated users? (I started ticking/enabling them all and then realised that it had stopped saving my updates - I was ticking about 50 at a time and saving the changes...)

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There isn't a maximum limit that I'm aware of, but bear in mind that Authcache D6 keeps a different cached version of the page for each role (and/or combinations of roles). If you have thousands of roles (especially if users have a multiple roles) the effectiveness of authcache will be *greatly* diminished.

I also suspect that thousands of roles might add significant extra processing time to certain authcache queries and operations. (not to mention elsewhere in Drupal?)

The D7 version allows developers to assign their own "cache keys" so that content can be cached independently of roles. This functionality is not available in the D6 version (and personally I have no plans to update the D6 version unless someone is interested in sponsoring the development)

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