First of all I want to thank all the community members and all the drupal developers that created a so potential cms. It's my honor that I m part of this community a year now and I hope to become more active in the future.

Now I want to present you my idea - website. Two months ago I was looking for new ideas for creativity and I was wandering on the net. I was looking many sections of interest when I suddenly realized that I read many articles like "the best of ...." (the "best website design" or the "best social network" for example) and many of them were based on a journalist opinion or some group of "experts". Few of these articles were based on true users opinion. If you google for example "best beach" all the articles in the first 10 search results is based on the author opinion except the tripadvisor's list.

So I decided in my spare time to develop a new site where the users can define the list of the best beach (in our case) according their rating. I don't know if my idea will be embraced by the visitors of the site but personally I like to know when I m searching for the best beach in the world that I m reading a list created from people like me. The site is based of course to drupal and I "playing" with views (what else?) and fivestar modules.

If you want to check out the site visit (whitbo = WHat Is The Best Of). The only problem is the content submission at the beginning. The data are too many and many people have to work to submit the discrete element that visitors will rate.

I hope to visit my site and give me some feedback...
See you