Hey Joe,

I'm having an issue when "Display subscription options on user registration form" is selected. After the account is created nothing happens.

Here's a video showing exactly what happens.

This may be due to the fact that I'm using LoginToboggin to automatically login the user on account creation... I just thought of that, so haven't tried it yet. If you don't get back to me before Monday, I'll try disabling that to see if it is the cause of the problem.

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Title: Issue when "Display subscription options on user registration form" is selected. » Plan prices are not displayed when "Display subscription options on user registration form" is selected.
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Okay, it was totally my fault. I found out that I wasn't supposed to have the "hosted pages" module enabled at the same time as the "recurly-js" module. Also, I didn't have the actual javascript library installed. Didn't see that instruction anywhere... BUT... I should have assumed I needed to get it from somewhere. I only realized that when I looked at the reports page.

So, now everything works, except that the prices are not displayed when the user selects the plan. The plans are listed, but not the prices. (See screenshot)

(I'll update the title to reflect the actual issue)

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I've been thinking about this a bit and looking into what it would take to include the full plan details on the registration page. My thoughts at this point is that it's a lot of duplicate code in order to avoid a single extra click and that we might be better off just letting people register as per usual and then redirect them to user/{UID}/subscription/signup so they can choose the plan they want from there.

This means we're not duplicating code in this module (in fact we could remove quite a bit) and anything that changes in the Recurly module we're getting for free. The downside is we're not listing plans on the registration page by default and that people have to view one extra page on which they select the plan they want. The normal recurly module workflow. Though this could absolutely still be done by someone in the theme or via an alter hook if they just wanted to display that information.

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Status: Active » Fixed
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I decided to go ahead and add the detailed plan list that the Recurly module provides with some simple JS to allow you click a plan and toggle a radio button. This ensures that we're seeing the same output that is in the normal subscription list provided by the Recurly module.

Let me know if this solves your issue. Thanks!


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Sweet! I'll take a look tomorrow and report back, but it looks great!

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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Well, I didn't report back, but it does seem to be working great!