For as long as I have been using BOA cacheing was forced enabled on all sites that didn't have a "dev." sub-domain. But if you included dev.

However today when I go to any of my dev sites they all have the following caching forced enabled and I can't figure out how to turn them off so I can do my work. I searched this issue queue,, and Barracuda change log and I have found any reference to a change in how this is handled now or if some bug has been introduced.

  • Cache pages for anonymous users
  • Aggregate and compress CSS file
  • Aggregate JavaScript files

I'm sure this related to the barracuda up-stable that I ran yesterday to take care of all the apt-get upgrades I had to do and apply any other upgrades that have been added to the system. But I would expect something like this to happen when I was already running Aegir BOA-2.0.8 / Barracuda BOA-2.0.9 as you can see from the attached log.

Thanks for all your help in advance and in the mean time I'll keep look for some reference the change that is forcing this cacheing on development sites.


barracuda_log.txt8.53 KBwickwood
barracuda.cnf_.txt1.83 KBwickwood
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I knew that if I posted my plea for help here, I would almost instantly find the answer afterwards while I continued my search.

I did find an update to the policy here:
and how it relates to a bug report here:

For completeness, it appears that I need go through and change all of my dev sites from to something with a dot before and after "dev" or devel.

I haven't tried this yet, but I'm pretty sure that this is the answer I'm looking for.

I understand the problem that caused this change, but perhaps the policy could be further updated to allow for nothing before dev or devel? Although I will probably have already fixed all my development sites by the time that change is made should Omega8 decide to do that.


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Category: support » feature

This was definitely my problem.

Changing the category from support to feature request because I'm requesting the feature that [nothing]dev[dot] also be recognized as development site. I realize this may be easier said than done, so if it is not worth doing, I will completely understand!

Thanks again for all the work you put into BOA and making our lives better!


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As I understand, the reason for having [somethinghere].dev.[orsomethinghere].com is for security precausions and domain name collisions ( So, I don't think this policy will change as it was recently introduced.

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Status: Active » Closed (duplicate)

Closing as duplicate of #2015551: The keyword check used to trigger "dev" mode is not strict enough - please follow up there.