I've just installed the alpha version on a test system to look at.
I notice that the fields (e.g. for organisations) are all grouped together.

This means that field level control can't be used.
i.e. using https://drupal.org/project/field_permissions to control who can view or edit fields (I wouldn't want employees working on a project to see or change it's price, for example).

Could this be changed (if it hasn't been mentioned already) to use the standard Drupal functions of content types fields and views, to give more options for customisation using "manage fields" and "manage display" or even to allow incorporating of the Display Suite module.
I notice that views is already being incorporated in this module which is great.


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Hi Tim

Yes, the move to proper core fields is something that is in progress now (see #1915320: Move to a Field API based approach for latest discussion), and will be completed before we move to beta releases of Project Management.

Hope you found it good apart from this!

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2.x branch fixes this issue through the move to Drupal Fields.

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