This may not be a views or views slideshow issue at all, but I have banged my head enough against this to come here and ask.

I have created a views slideshow with the displays option set to block.
I successfully added it to a page and it runs great!

In the process of cleaning up the page I came to the realization that I wanted to add a boarder image to the views slideshow so that the image could overlap on top.

I know how to add an image as a background to my views block with CSS but in order to add the image and then overlay it onto the views slideshow, the only thing I know is to add it to the block with html and then adjust its location with CSS.

Is there a way in which to add content to the block that Views Slideshow creates... or is there another path I should be taking (for example by choosing the page or attachment options) ?

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Attachment should work fine - or a preprocess function, or template; not a single right way but any of those could be appropriate. Which is best hard to say without knowing more details.