Hi Tony,

unfortunately the AJAX upload of managed_file doesn't work with the latest 7.x-1.2-alpha1. I have a custom form with a managed_file field which naturally comes with an "Upload" button. Normally (and with any other theme) when I select a file and press "Upload" a throbber appears and the file is uploaded. Shortly after, the file name appears as a link within the form field.

However, when I select Tweme (or my Tweme subtheme) as my default theme, then the throbber does not terminate. It seems like the AJAX upload functionality is broken. When I install jQuery Update module, then file uploads work as desired. However, in that case Tweme complains and tells me to uninstall jQuery Update, as the theme doesn't need it any longer.

What would be the best way to work around this issue?


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Same issue here, I just ignored the message from tweme saying jQuery Update is not needed. Not the best solution but with JQuery Update installed, file uploads work fine.

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If logged in as a admin and trying to edit the node, it works as it opens the editing panel in inline popup window.

If logged in as a regular user with permissions to edit the site, it redirects user to nodeid/edit page and there it throws a Ajax error when trying upload / remove any files. This is a jquery issue, function names have been changed in new Jquery versions I quess and the drupal integrated ajax file uploder tries to call wrong function.

Fixed the regular user's not being able to remove / upload anything they have uploaded by installing the Jquery Update plugin and updating jquery to version 1.8!