created three fields each dependent to the other and worked as expected. But when i insert these fields at a add/edit panel template to create my custom form even if i can select the first field and seems that it loads the other field doesnt populate.
Thank you very much


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The fields need to be in the same form.

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What do you mean in the same form? It is just a panel template which replaces the core drupal add/edit form.
All fields are in the same form.
It also gives me an error "Notice: Undefined index: form_build_id in ajax_get_form()" .
Thank you

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Component: Miscellaneous » Code
Category: support » bug
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Sorry -- I haven't used Panels in ages. I was assuming each field was in a pane of its own.

Can you check that the module's form alterations are all being fired?

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From logs i get that warning "Invalid form POST data."

i still search for more info.
Thank you

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still didnt get any useful info to help. Except from the messages above. It seems to me that something blocks the ajax callback but cant figure it out.

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i have noticed the same error too.
But this occur when add the field one by one.. if you add the general form of concerned node type value is prepopulated correctly, And i agree with you when say that ajax call back is not working correctly when a field is in panel..
Let me know if you find a solution please