Hey Everyone,

This is my first attempt at using Drupal.

Most effort went into the maps and the pull down menu at the top of the inner pages.


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Let me know what you think

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You might wanna fix your legal statements at the bottom though. Copyrighting is an actual process and you have to specify the year it was copyrighted. And next to it should be "All rights reserved" not "right".

What theme did you use?

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Ok, Thanks for your input. I started with bootstrap and built a custom subtheme on it.

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great work there, that website really inspired me am new in drupal, am just reading some of my new books and practicing hoping to develop this kind of website for my school one day

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I know how you feel. I want to do the same for the US Department of Defense.

Worst case scenario I make a new installation profile for everyone to use :)