Hi, im a nobai in all this, so excuse me if my question si stupid...

I have installed other themes in other websites and in the menu of appearance -> theme options

I easily can customise the features of the them such as add/delete items in the slideshow, change my links in the social icons, and other things, but in this case in the options of the theme i just see the look and feel options and some other configuration of functionality of the components (the speed of the efects, the js libraries...), but not the display settings of the slideshow, socialIcons, portfolio ítems....

How can i customize the default content of the theme?, do i have to edit it directly in the code?


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Hi ssoulless!

Under the "Appearance" menu there's an option for "settings." You can also get to it this way:


Hope that helps.

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Well I actually had done that, but i dont see how to include new images to the slider, only the efect options....

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Unfortunately it's hard coded into page.tpl.php, inside the theme's folder. That's true for the slider, the slideshow, and the social networking icons. Someone already requested that these features be put into the config page. Maybe you would like to contribute a patch? :-)

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