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MD5: a1ef7b9d2d47fb5694db2c2a29271fdc
SHA-1: 126e03256435128859b78a5e78882fbfcd2b9ffb
SHA-256: 2d0d9e54b85de71d3e0831af47584006b752d1d2c00218a2b459c25de9594ac5
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MD5: 0150f5e343ccc112f3221ba4f9c69f11
SHA-1: 4f66a13576377aa2c4de890f922d0277cb8dbca7
SHA-256: 5dc9df6fe65ea2b7a5d9aba939cf634fa3b47d491fd7d6e8a9b75d42061c52a1

Release info

Created by: longwave
Created on: July 11, 2013 - 16:53
Last updated: December 19, 2013 - 00:14
Core compatibility: 6.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

The 6.x-2.x branch of Ubercart will reach end of life when Drupal 8 is released and Drupal 6 is discontinued. You should consider upgrading your sites to 7.x-3.x.

New features since 6.x-2.11:

  • #2001120: Implement table sorting on admin/store/orders/search page.
  • #982194: Added payment method to shipping quote conditional actions callback, where available.
  • #1495704: Added CSS class to order total preview line items.
  • #1470678 by trobey, longwave: Added address line 2 to Authorize.Net transactions.
  • #1157494: Added shipping method, where available, to checkout Ajax.
  • #746480: Added hook_uc_roles_grant(), hook_uc_roles_renew() and hook_uc_roles_delete().
  • #1866742: Add new provinces and romanize Thai names in Thailand country file.
  • #1857618: Backport customer information pane changes and tests from 7.x.

Bug fixes since 6.x-2.11:

  • #890744 by neilnz: Fixed occasional race condition when updating state/province list after selecting previous address at checkout.
  • #1983358: Fixed 'pending approval' email should be sent to blocked users created at checkout.
  • #1985404: Fixed new user creation failure if customer specifies an existing username, then clears it.
  • #2001084 by delphian, longwave: Fixed PayPal Pending order status to use 'post checkout' order state.
  • #620844: Fixed division by zero after editing product kits that already exist in customer carts.
  • #1942500: Fixed product class ID field to be limited to 32 characters.
  • #1933424 by r.aubin, longwave: Fixed logging of Authorize.Net failed charge transactions.
  • #1933424 by r.aubin: payment gateway fails to capture recurring fee using CIM profile.
  • #914828: Removed non-working shipping settings from product kit node form.
  • #830898: Fixed "My billing information is the same as my delivery information" should not reset shipping quote.
  • #1034044 by longwave, Alan D.: Added checkbox to enable/disable stock level changes when editing orders.
  • #1434692: Fixed creation of UPS shipments to countries without states/provinces.
  • #1901840: Fixed uc_store_token_values() may corrupt the site logo static cache on some pages.
  • #1910090: Removed duplicate order comment when payment is received by PayPal.
  • #1368808 by hectots, longwave: Fixed truncated USPS service name in some translations.
  • #1905920: Fixed USPS error: Package size must be 'Regular' or 'Large'.
  • #1364508: Fixed USPS error: Dimensions are missing for package; unable to calculate postage.
  • Fixed display of shipping quote error messages.
  • #753964: Use is_numeric, not is_int in uc_product_is_product().
  • #1029760: Disabled product features (roles and file downloads) for product kits.
  • #1890228 by m.stenta, longwave: Improved performance of uc_order_can_delete().
  • #1056278: Fixed hook_tapir_table_header_alter() not called for many tables.
  • #637810: Fixed deleted product classes from showing in admin product listing.
  • #1132378: Fixed correct uid is used during checkout Ajax, instead of always sending 0.
  • #860664: Fixed infinite loop if downloadable file is not readable.
  • #1393686 by TajinderSingh, longwave: Fixed override of formatted shipping quote when it is already set by the shipping method.
  • Fix from commit 31c3f136 to mark shipping method title and label as required fields. Looks like it didn't ever get backported.
  • #1785186: Fixed CyberSource gateway should always send grandTotalAmount.
  • #1112550: Fixed hook_order 'can_delete' op.
  • #1741008: Fixed invalid stdClass object used during checkout validation.
  • #1867632 by trobey, longwave: Fixed undefined variable warnings in payment method pack.