Lately, when I am editing a view a strange behavior has become more common. When I click on a field to edit it or click on the rearrange fields button, the Ajax circle appears briefly but the overlay edit or rearrange form does not. Today I noticed this appear in my log: Strict warning: Only variables should be passed by reference in views_fieldsets_form_views_ui_rearrange_form_alter() (line 324 of /mypath/sites/all/modules/views_fieldsets/views_fieldsets.module)..

I normally use Firefox (ver. 22 currently) and sometimes switching to Chrome (ver. 27.0.1453.116 m) gets around the problem, but it seems to be happening with more frequency and I can't figure out what might be wrong.

Aside from addressing the root cause of the issue, it'd be nice to find a way to not *have* to use the overlay while editing a view, but I can't find a setting for that.


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