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This page lists the differences among the features of the various Privatemsg branches.

6.x-1.x (stable)

  1. send and receive private messages on a site (between multiple recipients)
  2. threaded conversations (make it easier to keep track of messages and replies)
  3. search private messages
  4. tagging and filtering (helps organise conversations)
  5. user blocking
  6. e-mail notifications of new messages

6.x-2.x (development)

#721974: Roadmap for 6.x-2.x
Some (not all) of 6.x-2.x's new features:

  1. Improved user interfaces
  2. Sending messages to roles and support for other recipient types, for example user relationships (#728552: Send private message to all friends) and organic groups (planned)
  3. Rules integration
  4. Attachments (Allows to add files to private messages, similiar to what upload.module is for nodes)
  5. Removing messages from the inbox
  6. Configurable support to display send message to author links on nodes and comments
  7. Users can disable private messaging and manage blocked users
  8. Limit messaging abilities: number of recipients per message, messages in inbox, amount of messages which can be sent and more.

7.x-1.x (stable)

All new features of 6.x-2.x with the following changes and/or additions:

  1. Instead of attachments, private messages are fieldable and any number and combination of fields can be added to them
  2. Advanced token support

7.x-2.x (development)

#1364010: 7.x-2.x alpha1
To be added

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