I've set up a basic taxonomy view that shows a list of nodes from the selected taxonomy term.

The view works as intended when accessing the page directly (it renders output using the custom template files I've created).

I needed to have the taxonomy term description and some other fields from the taxonomy to show above the listing so I installed Panels.

It works, but Panels output is using the default template for the view instead of any custom templates I've created.

It reads templates:

But ignores templates like:

Althou this template works when accessing the views page directly.

Am I missing some option somewhere, is this an intended behaviour or a bug?

I'm using these settings in views:
Format: Unformatted list
Show: Fields

Views version is 3.7


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Problem solved...

I used "Master" Display option in Panels the first time I created it and while trying to get the templates to work I toyed with this option too, before submitting the above question.... it did not have any effect...

Now I added a new View content to the panel with the exact same options, except for selecting "page" as display right from the beggining... and it started to work.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.