privatemsg_message_load() returns a bunch of data about the message, but no recipient_id. So, using privatemsg_message_load() , how do I make sure that the recipient and author of a particular message are the only ones who can view that messsage (without having to query the db specifically for that)? Passing the $account argument doesn't help.



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Is my question dumb in a way I don't realize? Please let me know and I'll change it up. Suggestions anyone?

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Sorry, I'm not an expert on the API, but it might be helpful if you could explain why you want to use privatemsg_message_load()?

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You might actually want privatemsg_thread_load(), though there is a bug noted here:

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Hi thanks. The reason I want to use privatemsg_message_load() is because I'll be displaying the actual message on my own custom page. The url will contain the message ID, which I was hoping I could simply pass to some function (like privatemsg_message_load()) that would return all of the message info INCLUDING who the intended recipient is. So I could match that up with the current user to determine if she's allowed to view that message.

I notice in the link you provided in the following comment that privatemsg_message_load() is supposed to return false if the user isn't allowed to see it. That kinda would help me, but I was looking for the flexibility to make that decision myself with just getting back all the message info, including the recipient id. Is there another function that can accomplish this?

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the intended recipient

There is no such thing as *the* recipient. Each message can have any number of recipients, there are different types of recipients.

Privatemsg usually only displays and cares about recipients/participants of a message thread, there is AFAIK no API to get the recipients of a single message.

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Privatemsg usually only displays and cares about recipients/participants of a message thread

That's what I was referring to by "recipient." privatemsg_message_load() contains everything except WHO can read it, unfortunately. It would be convenient to hook into that info from my module, so I can do with it what I please.