I run a forum with Drupal 6, and the users make heavy use of private messages. Most of them prefer to keep their email addresses private, and I would also prefer to protect them from some of the dangers of leaking their email address to strangers. To prevent users from accidentally enabling the "Show my email address" option in the user profile, I would prefer a permission to "Enable users to send PM with their own email address" so I can disable it on a role basis.

I'm tagging this as a "major" "bug report" and not a "feature request" because at least in certain environments it is a very dangerous idea to send a private message with the user's email address in the header, so it's almost a security issue in my mind.

Thanks a lot for this powerful module.

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This is not a bug report because the feature does work and even if the situation is dangerous for users they have to opt-in to do so.

That said, I agree this is a good request; I was previously just hacking the module to remove this option but if other people need it too then I think it's worth adding the choice to the module.

I'm attaching a patch for D7, since that's what I'm running on.

Status: Needs review » Needs work

The last submitted patch, privatemsg-add-permission-for-revealing-email-2038745-1.patch, failed testing.

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Status: Needs work » Needs review
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Need to add permission so that the tests run...

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Patch #3 worked great. I was able to hide or show the option using permissions.
Thanks for your help.

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Please add to this module. Very useful feature.

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Patch works for me, thanks. This is a useful setting.