I'm porting a project from ASP.NET to Drupal7, using OMEGA 3 as template framework, Alexa Rank of the site is ~168,000 . at least 80 modules is used.

APC and MEMCACHE are used.

Does Drupal Handle this traffic when using OMEGA 3 as theme framework?

Running Version : Axprint.com

Estimation of page view per month:
about 150000 unique visitors a month, each visitor 10 page view. (~ 1,500,000 page views )


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Well Omega 3.x is a bit slower than barebone base themes. However, the performance impact should be negligible as the heavy weight of a Drupal site still stems from the count and weight of the modules that you use. So the theme should never matter _that_ much. Anyways, given that you are planning to build a larger site (it seems?!) why bother using Omega 3.x when Omega 4.x is already there and has been promoted to be the "preferred"/"suggested" version already?

Omega 4.x is certainly faster and has the better professional/latest tools for such a job.

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You will see a negligible performance hit with Omega-3, Omega 4 seems to be a bit faster and allows for a lot more customisation. If you are really worried about traffic then maybe using something like Cloudflare on your site as well would help.

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Thanks Guys.
Migration to 4.x was the best solution.

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Title: OMEGA 3 For High Traffic Websites » Omega 3 or Omega 4 For High Traffic Websites
Version: 7.x-3.1 » 7.x-4.x-dev

Good to hear, would love to see the result once finished!

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