I am creating an Ubercart shop for a customer with little knowledge of websites and how they work. The idea is that we have control of the site through the admin role and they have their own role "Owner" with a simplified admin section.

I have used views and custom menus to make the list pages and all is working very well, but when it comes to adding or editing certain parts of the site, the default form page is still a little too complex, like the Ubercart "Add Product Category" page for example which is actually named similar to "Taxonomy Vocab Catalog : Add Term" and has confusingly named fields and vertical tabs that the owner will not want to trip over.

I would like to be able to make a duplicate of the default add term page and remove/change/add bits to it until the page is exactly how I want it to be. I am just not sure the best way to tackle this problem.

Do I copy the add term page template (which file is it?) rename it to the right override filename (not exactly sure how to target what I'm after), modify it to fit my needs then hope when you click save it saves all the info to the same place?

Or do I find where this form is being generated and use conditional statements that show/hide bits depending on the role/user id?

Or am I missing something else here? I have found similar questions, but answers are usually vague or out of date.

Any help is muchly appreciated.