I've found a problem when using exposed filters or items per page with a view that is overriding taxonomy terms.
The problem is when I change any exposed filter or items per page it reloads the view but changes path of my term from the alias to view's path from its settings.

Example: I'm on "cars/porsche" and I change the Color exposed filter. The page reloads and I'm now on "taxonomy/cars/33/0?color=37&items_per_page=50".


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Did you try to use taxonomy/term/% as views' path ?
It may solves your issue.

But you are right, it would be great if the path were kept for all views.
Feel free to provide a patch if you need it quickly.

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I had a similar issue which I fixed via hook form alter:

if ($form_id == 'views_exposed_form' && $form['#id'] == 'views-exposed-form-myview-page-1'){
  if (arg(0) == 'taxonomy' && arg(1) == 'term' && is_numeric(arg(2))) {
    $form['#action'] = '/taxonomy/term/'. arg(2);

By default, the form action is pointing to the url of the view.

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See above comment.

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