I just upgraded my Drupal 5.5 site to Drupal 6 on a test server and now my blocks and the administrative menu are not visible. In the Administrative's "block" list there are a large number of blocks that are missing entirely!

Comparing the same blocks between the test (6.28) and production (5.5) Drupal sites I noticed the 6.28 version has "Show on every page except the listed pages." selected and the "Pages" list emtpy.

I took a section (all 4 of which resides on the Left sidebar) and made sure each 6.28 one matched the correpsonding entry in the 5.5 installation. Still nothing shows up.

What am I missing?


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A (possible) update; it seems the update process did not pull in my Views, many of which supply the content of these missing Blocks (and the calendar and FAQ link(s), which are missing as well).