In the admin content page, i want to add a button on each row for export node / row. I have created a nid field and rewrite the output of this field :

<a href="/node/[nid]/pdf" target="_blank">Export node</a>

In my Page PDF display, path is configured with : /node/%/pdf

If I use this button to export nodes, PDF is generated, but the content is the same.
I tried to use a contextual filter with content:nid. But I get a blank page.

How can I solve my problem?

Thank you for your reply.


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i have installed this patch: https://drupal.org/node/2032189. No success, i have a blank page when i want export a node to pdf.

I have enable the php module + permissions for all. But it changes nothing.

If i insert a fixed value in my contextual filter (content:nid), i have a blank page.

If i supress the contextual filter (content:nid) i have some datas in pdf. But datas aren't filter with the active row.

Infos :
Drupal 7.22
Views 3.7
Views pdf 7.x-1.x-dev
Views PDF - FPDI Present
Views PDF - FPDI Template File Present
Views PDF - TCPDF Present
PHP 5.4.4

Thanks for your help.

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Ok kumkum29 I figureout a problem with the patch, right now I'm working on it. Please stay tuned.

I'll bring a fast solution patch, but I'm going to work patch by patch later (ASAP) to start commiting and solve this issues.


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in admin content page i use "admin views" to create the table of content.
I have recreate my view and the problem no longer exists.
I think I had a bug with the module "admin views" with clone of my view.

Now the pdf link it's ok. I see my pdf with all datas of each node.


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since i am here, i close the issue :)