I now receive this message in my Patterns area for an article content type:


What I'm trying to achieve is a structure where I can list the parent taxonomy term, and child term, both in the URL, before the name of the node.

i.e., mydomain.com/parent/child/node

This is imperative to the way the site is structure, but now that this pattern no longer works, we cannot effectively make changes to this system. Which tokens do we now use to achieve this?


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I think, you found sollution. But for others, who spent a lot of time with this as me.
I want to URL path to product (content type) look like this:

Only thing I have to do, to get more aviable tokens in pathaouto for node term, was set number of amount in edit term reference fieldto 1. The parent pattern dissapear from pathauto when I choose more option.
Path pattern I used:
and term path pattern:
Thats all. Dont forget to erase old aliases and bulk update new.

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If you have multiple values term reference field, you only need to add number of term:

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don't forget to enable entity token...

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don't forget to enable entity token...

Thanks daniel ! i was pulling my hair out...