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This page contains some coding examples for use with the Getlocations module.

There are some functions which might be useful in managing locative information in your own module:
They can all be found in getlocations.module

This will validate a string in the form of latitude,longitude
It returns the string, trimmed and normalized or FALSE on failure to validate
function getlocations_latlon_check($latlon)

This will run string through check_plain but then restore apostrophes, useful for use with tooltips
function getlocations_apoclean($string)

Fetch a list of the core Drupal list of countries.
Look in the code for details of available options
function getlocations_get_countries_list()

Get the full country name from a supplied two letter iso code of a country.
function getlocations_get_country_name($id)

Get the two letter code for a country from a supplied Full country name.
function getlocations_get_country_id($country)

Convert decimal degrees to degrees,minutes,seconds.
function getlocations_dd_to_dms($coord)

Convert dms string to decimal degrees.
function getlocations_dms_to_dd($dms)

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