I am interested in using Bootstrap on top of Panoply. But when I load this theme, it works fine for anonymous users but for the admin user there seems to be some conflict with the Panoply admin menu that causes lots of pieces of the Panoply admin menu to appear in the lower portion of the page.

I have been trying without success to fix the Bootstrap theme (tweaking css) so it is not interfered with by the Panoply admin menu (my preferred solution).

Can anyone help?.


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please disable module mobile friendly ui after then it works fine.

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if you use panopoly, you could use "radix" base theme instead. it's bootstrap based, can be easily subthemed (drush command) and uses sass instead of less. there are some panels layouts for radix theme (extra module).

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I am getting AJAX errors when using it on a Pantheon/Panopoiy Distro. On Pantheon and on my own servers. The save/cancel buttons don't show up when editing in place and when you go to save, it asks if you want to leave the page. No saving. Switch theme to Radix, no problem. This happens on a Bootstrap subtheme and the out of the box one.

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I am marking as "won't fix" because 1) the 7.x-2.x branch is no longer supported and 2) these related issues should take care of this.