Hi there,

After upgrading from D6 I now find a weird behaviour, all empty fields are displaying, empty obviously, but displaying. Once I edit and save the content again ... it works as expected, I mean empty fields are not displaying any more.

Any idea how to sort this out?


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I realize that are only "text fields" that are showing empty.

Curiously if I use the devel view for that content is shows those fields as they had an element (but they don't) ... once I re-save the node ... they disappear and show like that on the devel view

I'm lost, I'm no programmer and have no clue what is going on.

I'm doing an upgrade for a dogs shelter charity web site (I don't get a penny for this ... never did, never will)

Any ideas?

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If you are using CCK did you run the CCK update module? This is an additional layer of updating which sites with cck may require.

What I would do is look at the database in a visualisation tool (phpmyadmin if you are using a mysql database) and check the content of the fields. See if there is something there - even a blank space.

I have not come across the problem. It cannot be hard to find a way to save all nodes programmatically. How many nodes do you have? I mean, are there to many to just sit there and re-save them all by hand.

TBH if this is the only problem after a D6 to D7 upgrade you are doing very well, unfortunately upgrading Drupal is a huge problem and very often with larger sites experienced developers prefer to import the content into a fresh D7 site rather than fight with the upgrade process.