Please can some body show how to subtheme omega kickstart

I have installed commerce kickstart 2 .

I have to make some changes to the theme. I tried to subtheme omega kickstart manually and with omega tools. The look of omega kickstart just does not seem to show up in the subtheme.

I also searched a lot and none of them works,

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Did you have a look at ?

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emjayess provides great, simple instructions here:

I created a subtheme of Omega Kickstart like this:

drush omega-subtheme "Custom Kickstart" --base=omega_kickstart --enable

Worked like a charm. From there, just begin extending the new subtheme as per the Omega documentation. The first thing you'll likely do is add a global.css to the /css directory and drop in some style rules. I'm also using LESS CSS in my project, which just takes a few extra steps.

With the Omega 3.x stuff, that drush command is available via the add-on Omega Tools module... for Omega 4.x I believe drush support is built-in and you are warned not to install Omega Tools with Omega 4.x.