I'm using Organic Groups and I've created Groups and a few Group content types (articles, forms, etc.). I created a custom Node Template layout (Panel) and added the 'Content create links' (under Organic Groups tab) to the content to be displayed on the layout. However, the Content Create links do not show up on the Group pages.

Other functions of the custom Node Template layout are working fine. I've also installed and enabled Entityreference prepopulate. I'm seeing some instructions like the ones below, but I don't see these options (or I just can't find them...).

On each of your group content types, edit the group reference fields to enable prepoplute


Click on "manage fields" and edit the field "og_group_ref".
Enable the checkbox labeled "Enable Entity reference prepopulate".
Enable the block named "Node content links".

In Structure - Content Types - Article - Organic Groups I see this:
Group content
Set the content type to be a group content, that can be associated with groups.
To unset the group content definition or change the settings you should delete the "Groups audience" field via Manage fields.

I have tried to delete the Group audience field, but it won't delete...

Thanks in advance for your help with this. I'm pretty new to Drupal and I've been troubleshooting this issue for days :/

OG version 7.x-2.2


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When you setup the Panel, did you add a context for the group as described in https://drupal.org/node/1041198 ?

Also, are you sure you need the EntityReference Prepopulate? Are you using this to set the Group Audience? OG already does this using the gids_node= parameter. You can see that if/when you have the "Content create links" working.

Do you really want to remove Article as group content? What happens when you try to delete the Group Audience field?

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In link you gave, under Panel Node template override, Step #7, I selected "Node", and clicked "Add Context". In the dialogue box that's displayed after clicking "Add Context", I chose one of the Groups I had previously created (not sure why I have to choose just one group if I want this to apply to all nodes of type Group) and clicked "Finish". But then, I can't find the group "Group content" node criteria. Searching 'criteria' on this page gives no results.

Under Panel Node template override, Step #8, I don't see the "OG group from node" option in the Relationships drop-down.

7. Contexts: Under Contexts, Select "Node", and click "Add Context". Check "Group content" node criteria then click Save, then Continue
8. Under Relationships, choose "OG group from node"
Note: If you have already created group content node types, there will also be contexts listed like "OG group from Node (on Node:Group Audience)". Do not use these contexts for your group panel. They attempt to get the context from the group content nodes, and will fail, and group-related panes won't appear. You need to use these if you're trying to set up a group content panel.

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After wasting a couple of hours on this I can assure you that you need to enable the Entityreference prepopulate module to get the link.
However you don't need the context (#8), it is now automatic.

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well i use the Entityreference prepopulate module but no thing show
I'm using 7.x-2.x-dev and panel
i need to use a block of menu to add contents to groups