Hi guys,

I am looking for some module/informations about controlling access/display of the thaxonomy term for a specific user. I created node list by using Views and defined some exposed filters to give users ability to filter website content. Everything works fine but I would like to limit terms displayed in the exposed filter only to those which permissions to display has been defined for the user.

We have got the COLORS vocabulary.
There are four terms in COLORS vocabulary:
1. Red
2. Green
3. Blue
4. White

And we have got two users:
1. John
2. Anna

John and Anna can filter page content using the taxonomy terms filter by terms list I have exposed.
But John and Anna have now access to any term from the COLORS vocabulary.

The result that I want to achieve:
John has only access to the colors Red and Green (he doesn't see White and Blue in the Views exposed taxonomy terms filter),
Anna has only access to the colors Blue and White (she doesn't see Red and Green in the Views exposed taxonomy terms filter).

Is there any way to limit this access and display only specific terms?
I would like:
- to define permissions - assign terms to a specific user,
- to connect this permissions with the Views exposed filter to display only this terms user can access/display.


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I'm actually looking to do exactly the same thing but on a node/add screen - in D7.

Blog Categories (taxonomy vocab: 1 term = a blog name) - and I want each user to only be allowed to use the term they're assigned to (currently they're free to select any term in the vocabulary).

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This is a great idea! I could use this on a variety of projects to protect privacy, but unfortunately I don't know what would be involved to get this up and running..

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I need this type of functionality also for a site we are building; if I get it sorted will let you all know.