Hi all

I have created a custom menu block and attached it to a region - and it all works great.
However, I'd like to add some theming to this one block, but I can't get the naming of the template file! Specifically, I want to add the collapsible menu feature in Bootstrap to my menu.

The block is called bas-secondary-menu, the theme is Bootstrap (subthemed to myBootstrap) and I have attached it to the Top region. Again, the menu renders and works perfectly.

I have copied block.tpl.php into my theme's templates folder, made a copy of it and tried:


and a number of other combinations!

Searching the web throws up the above possibilities but I can't seem to get the right naming!! And yes, I am clearing the cache!

Any suggestions on the correct convention here?

I don't have much hair as it is, and pulling out the last few strands seems quite likely!! :)

Thanks in advance


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I assume you mean:



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Sorry for the delay in replying - holidays!!

Yes, sorry, the .tpl.php extensions were missing from my original post - I meant to go back and add them after typing them in and forgot!