Installed and used two patches on lines 81 and 85 of per two posts. That got the FCKeditor showing up without errors on the module page. Selected full and filtered HTML and text. When I went to article, could not enter anything nor see the edit panel. Disabled the WYSIWYG plugin and reinstalled FCK Editor 4.1.2. (I had created a customized a menu so went to standard.) Also disabled FCKeditor on texts.

re-Enabled WYSIWYG. Now can edit article, but cannot see the FCKeditor. There is a thininsh grey bar so I can tell it is trying. I am using Garland.

Looked for other questions, and found several, but didn't seem to be answers, or answers I could understand. What do I do now? [PS. sorry for misspelling in title!]


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Title: FCK editor not showking. » FCK editor 4.1.2 problem
Priority: Major » Normal
Issue tags: -fckeditor, -no show, -wysiwig

As far as I know is CKeditor 4.1.x not yet supported. If it is, will the support first be found in the latest dev. version. #1956778: Ckeditor 4.1 ACF

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Title: FCK editor 4.1.2 problem » v4.1.2 problem
Component: Editor - FCKeditor » Editor - CKEditor
Status: Active » Closed (duplicate)

Please see my answer in #1883456-11: New CKEditor 4.0.1 release. CKEditor 4 is supported in 7.x-2.x-dev only for now, but the issue mentioned by steinmb needs to be resolved before I can make an official release.

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I AM AN IDIOT! I used the patches and WYSIWYG was working just fine. What I wasn't doing was configuring the plugins that we needed so something showed up in the WYSIWYG editor. So all I saw was a thin grey bar. That's the bar waiting for content. I totally apologize.

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