(Updated, read below initial report)

  • Upgrade using Drush (drush up mothership)
  • Ensure correct permissions
  • Run cron and clear the server cache (drush cron && drush cc all)

Then I see:

  • The key failure here is the error, noted below. I presume that error is preventing the rendering of my "main menu" nav element.


Notice: Undefined variable: label_hidden in include() (line 55 of /drupalroot/sites/all/themes/mothership/mothership/templates/field.tpl.php).
Notice: Undefined variable: label in include() (line 56 of /drupalroot/sites/all/themes/mothership/mothership/templates/field.tpl.php).
Notice: Undefined variable: items in include() (line 59 of /drupalroot/sites/all/themes/mothership/mothership/templates/field.tpl.php).
Notice: Undefined variable: items in include() (line 66 of /drupalroot/sites/all/themes/mothership/mothership/templates/field.tpl.php).
Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in include() (line 66 of /drupalroot/sites/all/themes/mothership/mothership/templates/field.tpl.php).

I am using Display Suite if that matters at all. I disabled ds but to no avail.

My "fix" is not to revert to 2.8.


I reran the update the next day, using the same procedure. The update is broken, but differently now. The main menu now renders, no field.tpl.php errors, as per the above. I believe I've isolated the issue. I earlier mentioned css styles not being applied. Specifically, only my views-rendered elements are affected. It's because the css div wrapper classes I was using are now gone, i.e., ".view-front-page-slider"

Reviewing my theme settings, and looking at admin/appearance/settings/lysaght > VIEW CLASSES I have set "Remove .$viewname' to off (this seems to be the relevant setting.) But the view I have defined for the front page is not being wrapped/nested as it ought. I can restore the wrapping css class via the "Other > CSS Class" field for the affected views, but I'm rebuilding all my views now, and I believe that this isn't the root problem.

Finally, the update requires me to disable admin-menu's client-side caching or the admin-menu won't render on content pages. I remain at 2.8 until I get this resolved.

Thank you for an excellent theme and theming paradigm.


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"- My css styles aren't being applied"
what are we talking about here the foo.css files or ?

"My menu block for my main menu isn't rendered"
are we talking straight up the default menu module

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I've updated my initial ticket as per your questions and with new observations. I'm still on 2.8.

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thanks for the update :)
- yup looks like something went wrong with the views - looking into it over the weekend

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it looks like you stumbled across the exact same problem as this issue: #2033235: View classes disapeared with new version

its cause by 2 views-view-[foo].tpl.php files that should never have made it onboard the ship
uploaded a 7.x.2.10 last night can you check if that solves the problems ?


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If this is a duplicate, please feel free to mark it accordingly. I can following along over there if that makes sense. However the 2.10 does not address the issue. Views classes are still missing after the update.

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oki so we are down to the issue around views right ?
did you drush cc all (sorry have to ask)

can you turn on the "poor themers helper" from the dev tools and look and see if its still calling the views--view.tpl.php

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views--view.tpl.php is being called, but still no succes. The cache was cleared...
Seems like a duplicate for my topic #2033235: View classes disapeared with new version indeed.

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Status: Active » Closed (duplicate)

closing this issue and continue it over at #2033235: View classes disapeared with new version

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Updated to respond to developer questions and further observations made after the initial report