I've tried to find a cause/solution to this but i'm struggling. Basically i've created a responsive site and in IE7 and 8 its loading the mobile version of site due to its non support for media queries. I've enabled the CSS3 Media Queries by Wouter van der Graaf checkbox in the admin screen and also enabled css/js aggregation.

This is where the problem comes in, now when I go to the site in IE7/8 I get a white screen and a message saying the page isn't responding due to a long running script. Theres no errors in the console/ IE script debugger so I cant see specifically what's causing it. It must be something the above mentioned JS is doing/conflicting with something else to cause it.

Has anyone come across this before?



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Does respond.js work for you? Try that first, it's the more common solution for a media query polyfill. The absolutely best solution (imho) is to NOT rely on these polyfills though.

Here is a link that might help you if you wan't to not have to worry about these polyfills: https://github.com/Team-Sass/breakpoint/wiki/No-Query-Fallbacks

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Thanks for the reply, yeah respond.js seems to work ok but I need that in combination with the media queries js.

I've traced the cause, it seems to be all the sass debug that gets put into the css file when in development mode. I changed my config.rb to production to remove the debug and that appears to have sorted it.

Going forward i'll do as you suggested but i'm to far in this build to change it now so I'll stick with the JS polyfills.

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respond.js / css3mediaqueries.js are the same thing, just different vendors. Why would you need both? They are both polyfills for making media queries work in IE.

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Sorry because of my previous problem i was getting confused that it was only working with both enabled.

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This "CSS3 Media Queries" script freezes in my site also. Use only respond.js or, like Fubhy said, try to use SASS no-query fallback.
Just noticed "CSS3 Media Queries" script was removed in the lastest version of Omega 4 ... great!