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  1. Start by Downloading & Installing the latest version of Drupal 5.
  2. Install the following modules
    • Core - optional (Does not need to be downloaded, only enabled)
    • Liquid
      • Liquid Base
      • Liquid Access
      • Liquid Wiki-Filter Framework
      • Liquid MoveRef
  3. Create a new content (Administer > Content Management > Content types > Add content type) type as follows:
    Only local images are allowed. "border: 1px solid ; width: 494px; height: 846px;" alt="Name - "Wiki Page" Type - "Wiki" Description - "A wiki page can be collaboratively edited" Promoted to Front Page - "Checked" Default Comment Type - "Disabled""
    src="/files/34.png" />
  4. Create a new role named "moderator". Under Access control (Administer > User management > Access control), give the Moderator permission to administer comments, administer nodes, create page content, edit page content, edit story content, move wiki content, manage protected content, revert revisions, and access administration pages.
  5. Give Anonymous users the permission to access comments, access content, search content, use advanced search, view uploaded files, access user profiles, and view revisions. Give Authenticated users the ability to access comments, post comments, access site-wide contact form, access content, create wiki content, edit own wiki content, edit wiki content, view revisions, search content, use advanced search, upload files, view uploaded files, access user profiles, and change own username
  6. Create a new user named "moderator". Be sure to check the box under roles labeled "Moderator":
  7. Add an Input Format (Administer > Site Configuration > Input Formats) named "Mediawiki". Check the "Liquid MediaWiki Filter" Option to enable using MediaWiki Syntax in this input format.
    <br "Name - "Mediawiki" Liquid MediaWiki Filter - Checked"
    style="border-style: solid; border-width: 1px;" height=
    "503" width="471" />
  8. You'll want to create a main page to be used as the start of the wiki. Go to Create content > Wiki Page. Put anything you want in there, as long as the title is "Main Page". Make the alias "wiki/main_page" without the quotes. Click "Submit" when you're done.
  9. You're done! Feel free to create any preliminary pages you want. If this site contains only a wiki, read on.
  10. Under Administer > Site Configuration > Site Information, make the default front page "wiki"
  11. In Administer > Site Configuration > Input Formats, Select the Mediawiki Input format and click "Set default format"

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


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This really is an excellent tutorial. Is there anything similar for Drupal 7?

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