Environment: Drupal 7.22, Date 7.26

I get this notice only when I look back exactly 3 Years or more (now looking at June 2010 and backwards).
I have no date restriction in the calendar Views.
Display looks ok

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Hi there,

I was trying to solve this one, can you please elaborate on this. I tried what you said but it's not allowing me to go back more than 3 years, not from UI & when I enter it manually in the address bar it says "Page Not Found". And even it's not allowing you to select a date more than 3 years while adding a content.


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Its true, I cannot go to 2009 etc. , but for example February 2010 (which generates the notice) is more than 3 years (should have said 36 months) ago since we have now July 2013.

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Somehow, I don't know, I am not able to get this notice.

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Status: Active » Closed (cannot reproduce)

Could not reproduce the notice on a new system, its seems to be something related to the Migration from Drupal 6.

It makes no sense to look further at it, so I close this issue