After upgrade to 7.22 I no longer see themes or blocks. My backup was ineffective so I recreated the database and reinstalled. Same problem after reinstall. I've been working on this for a week and took care of a handful of errors, but no change.

Currently getting the following error under modules: Notice: Undefined index: distribution_name in drupal_install_profile_distribution_name() (line 207 of /home/.../public_html/includes/

I don't know what else might be wrong that simply isn't showing up yet, as the errors seem to cascade.

Still no themes or blocks working. Everything is lining up along the left rather than being placed in blocks.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


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from what version were you upgrading?

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Looks like 7.18. I skipped a couple. I thought of it being some version problem, but when I reloaded new it still happens.

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what install profile was initially used?

was this a site upgraded from D6 at some point?

are you sure you ran update.php?

see: and how to set the profile status to 1

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The initial install was Drupal 7.15. I started building my website in August of 2013

I have run update.php a number of times and just ran it again. No change. I set the profile status to 1 and promptly got another error and shifted it back. That error was:

PDOException: SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table '...profile_field' doesn't exist: SELECT DISTINCT(category) FROM {profile_field}; Array ( ) in profile_user_categories() (line 502 of /home/.../modules/profile/profile.module).

I suspect this is something simple that I just don't know enough to troubleshoot.

Thank you for your help.

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The core profile module was deprecated in Drupal 7. To enable it you had to edit files.

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or it shouldn't be? When I set it to 1 I got another error--should I make that change anyway? I'm not sure what you're saying here.

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The error is choking on the profile.module, if it wasn't enabled in the first place, I can't explain why the error is occurring. Especially if it was a D7 install from at the onset.

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I did a complete reinstall--deleted the old database, deleted the old install, started over from scratch. Reinstalled the modules one at a time. Themes worked fine, everything worked fine until I activated domain access. I got a fatal error and was unable to get back into the modules screen in spite of having put in the requested four lines of code in settings.php. I deleted domain access through c-panel, then reinstalled the domain module and deactivated it before deleting it the normal way. The fatal error went away but the themes are still not functioning correctly.

I cleared the cache, ran update.php, the themes still do not function. I added a new theme and it was fine until I started making changes, then it dropped all formatting as well.

This seems to be a problem in the way domain themes and regular themes interact. Any help would be appreciated.